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Partial Hospitalization in Wyoming


When people in Wyoming become dependent on alcohol or drugs and eventually realize that they need help to quit, they have a number of options available. Among the most popular choices in Wyoming is going to a rehab facility, either on an inpatient or outpatient basis. 


Addiction treatment is a complex and lengthy process that can be further complicated if addicts have coexistent mental health disorders. The number of people with coexistent mental health problems is quite high. About 9 million Americans fall into this category, according to Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration.


The presence of coexistent conditions complicates the treatment process, and partial hospitalization in Wyoming might be the best option. Partial hospitalization does not involve patients spending any nights in hospital. People who elect to try partial hospitalization in Wyoming will go to the hospital several times a week. The norm ranges from three to five days each week.


Partial hospitalization should not be confused with outpatient rehab, although both these treatments involve patients attending for treatment and then returning home after each session. The primary difference is that partial hospitalization treatments involve more intense therapeutic services, and the length of these tends to be greater than those in conventional outpatient rehab.


What Type of Person is a Good Candidate for Partial Hospitalization in Wyoming?

Anybody who has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder and a coexistent addiction to drugs or alcohol is a good candidate. These people may not have the option of totally quitting drugs to which they are addicted, since that may affect the status of their mental disorder. In the hospital environment, doctors and other medical staff will be able to closely monitor patients and come up with the best possible treatment.


Another good candidate is a person who has developed an addiction to drugs that were prescribed to treat a particular condition. If the condition is chronic, then simply cutting out drugs, or weaning patients off them, may not be suitable because of the underlying condition. Partial hospitalization in Wyoming can be good for such people, as they can often find the right balance to control the disorder and curb the addiction.


How Many People are affected by Coexistent Conditions?

There are no accurate statistics that reveal this information. This is mainly because mental health problems are difficult to diagnose. Patients are often unaware about their own mental health disorder, and may attribute symptoms to other causes.


Doctors have difficulty diagnosing mental disorders in addicts because the symptoms associated with excessive use of drugs or alcohol can mask those caused by the most common mental illnesses.


Reasons for Choosing Partial Hospitalization

Many people dislike the idea of having to stay in a hospital environment. They would much rather be at home at nights. Provided such people are still capable of living a pretty normal life, partial hospitalization in Wyoming might be a suitable alternative to total hospitalization. This option is also suitable for those who have responsibilities they must attend to, whether it be work or family related.


The Aim of Partial Hospitalization

Offering treatment this way is geared at getting people to halt their excessive use of alcohol or drugs, while also helping to treat their mental health problems. Treatment will also address the problems that addicts will have trying to avoid relapse. Patients receive therapy and counseling about their addiction and their mental health problems. Behavioral therapy is often a critical element of the treatment.


After Partial Hospitalization in Wyoming

During therapy, addicts will learn a lot about their addiction and will be taught techniques to keep it under control. They should continue to see their doctor regularly to monitor progress in managing the mental health issue. They may also find it beneficial to join recovery groups.


Partial hospitalization can turn your life around. Contact an addiction specialist today to see if it is right for you.