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SMART Recovery in Wyoming


Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is a growing problem nationwide, and Wyoming is no exception. Addiction can destroy the lives of both addicts and their families, and addicts should be encouraged to seek help for their problem. There are many different types of recovery programs available, one of which is SMART Recovery in Wyoming.

SMART is an acronym for Self-Management and Recovery Training, and the program can help people deal with their addictions to drugs or alcohol, or other harmful addictions like gambling and eating disorders. SMART Recovery in Wyoming is a 4-point program whose primary focus is to get addicts to adopt a more positive mental attitude instead of an irrational or negative one. Negative and irrational thinking is something that is often found in people with addiction problems.

Each of the 4 points is outlined briefly below.

  • Point 1: This concentrates on getting people motivated, and on keeping that motivation at a high level. When people have goals and aspirations, they will never realize them if they do not get motivated to pursue them. People who lack motivation struggle to introduce worthwhile changes to their lives. The program teaches people how to get themselves motivated. It builds on the premise that they have already demonstrated a level of motivation by joining the program.
  • Point 2: All addicts get urges and cravings, even after they have stopped using. Point 2 teaches addicts techniques for resisting these urges and cravings. The acronym DEADS stands for Delay, Escape, Accept, Dispute, Substitute.

What these signify is:

  • Delay – Instead of responding to urges and cravings, people should consciously delay rather than try to deny the existence of the urge. For example, somebody could delay the urge to have a drink for 10 minutes, and then delay for a further 10 minutes, etc. When people get used to delaying, the frequency of urges will gradually get reduced, and their intensity will also decrease. 
  • Accept – Addicts must learn to accept that urges and cravings are inevitable, and there is no way to stop them occurring. However, they will pass eventually. 
  • Escape – People are advised to escape from situations where they are experiencing urges and cravings. For example, if a recovering alcoholic is in a bar and gets the urge to drink, he or she should leave.
  • Dispute – People should prepare and memorize solid and logical reasons for not giving in when urges and cravings arise.
  • Substitute – People can better withstand urges and cravings if they substitute another activity that brings rewards.
  • Point 4: This teaches people to develop a better lifestyle. It emphasizes that the positive emotions people may get from alcohol or drugs are only temporary in nature, and people should replace drinking or drug-taking with healthier activities and interests that deliver longer-lasting pleasure and enjoyment. 

What Kind of People Can Benefit From SMART Recovery in Wyoming

People who have heard of the program may think it deals solely with addiction to drugs or alcohol. SMART Recovery in Wyoming can help people who abuse or are addicted to substances, but it also very effective at helping people control any type of compulsive behavior. It is effective in helping gamblers or sex addicts, for example.


How to Join the Program

One of the biggest benefits of SMART Recovery in Wyoming, where there are many remote areas, is that the program is available online. People can order books, manuals and DVDs directly from the SMART website. They can download a Kindle version of the SMART handbook from Amazon. If there are no groups in an area, people can apply to become Facilitators. They will be given all the tools, resources and knowledge they need to set up their own group.


SMART Recovery is an effective recovery method for many drug addicts. Contact an addiction specialist today to learn if this program is right for you.