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Casper Wyoming Addiction Rehab Centers

When used properly, a wide range of substances can improve quality of life, decreasing pain or helping individuals manage their health. Unfortunately, not everyone uses these substances as they should, and the consequences can be deadly. Casper Wyoming addiction rehab centers have a collective vision of helping those who suffer from substance abuse or addiction recover through a variety of treatment options.


Substance Abuse vs. Addiction

Substance abuse refers to the general misapplication of an over-the-counter, prescribed or illicit chemical. Using someone else’s medication, taking doses that are larger or more frequent than recommended and administering a drug in a way other than directed are all good examples of substance abuse. It is also substance abuse to use a chemical solely for the purpose of avoiding negative emotions or forcing a feeling of euphoria. Regardless of the chemical involved or motivation behind the use, substance abusers have control over the choice to take the substance. They usually don’t intend or plan to continue the abuse as a habit and, in fact, might use in very spur of the moment ways according to immediate desires or pressures.


Addiction can be considered the final stage or consequence of continued substance abuse. The constant exposure to the chemical results in changes to the brain, causing a buildup of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure. The brain responds by limiting dopamine production and release. The end result is that, in order for a person to achieve dopamine levels that are high enough, they have to use the drug. The individual craves the substance and does not have control over whether to take it. They can suffer serious emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms without the substance, such as depression, anxiety, nausea, and tremors. Scientists and medical professionals now consider addiction to be a disease, which has led to drastic, positive changes in how drug abuse and addiction treatment centers approach helping sufferers.


Despite the fact that substance abuse does not involve brain changes or dependence, substance abuse and addiction are equally dangerous. Both can result in brain damage, loss of cognitive functions, and death. This fact is important to point out because substance abusers—as well as friends and family members—often dismiss their behavior as safe, thinking that there’s no problem as long as they stay in control or only use occasionally. Substance abusers also often dismiss their behavior as safer because they frequently use chemicals not considered as “hard” drugs, such as over-the-counter medications, lighter fluid or glue. Casper Wyoming addiction rehab centers advocate seeking treatment as early as possible in the abuse pattern to reduce risks. Additionally, both substance abuse and addiction defy racial, gender, class, and other barriers. Substance abusers and addicts are found in virtually every demographic, contrary to the stereotype that individuals with drug and alcohol problems are always poor, uneducated or minorities.


The Formation of a Disease

An individual passes through four identifiable phases on their way to becoming an addict. The first step is experimentation. Here, a person engages in substance abuse because of peer pressure, curiosity or the temporary desire to relieve emotional or physical pain. The individual then moves to the regular use stage. They still have good control over their substance abuse, and others usually can’t tell that anything is amiss, but the user makes their intake of the drug a habitual occurrence, incorporating it into the activities they do every day. Next comes the risky use stage. The individual has trouble refusing the drug, although they can with effort. They prefer social activities where the use of the drug is acceptable or promoted. Others start noticing changes to the person’s behavior or appearance, and the user starts experiencing negative ramifications from the substance, such as problems at work or the inability to get tasks done at home. They might be arrested for the first time. Finally, the individual progresses to full-blown addiction. They have trouble functioning without the drug and continue to use despite potential negative consequences. They emotionally and physically crave the drug, and they usually don’t realize they have a problem or that their behavior puts themselves or others in harm’s way. At this point, professional help is a must, both to help the individual understand what is happening and to reduce the physical and emotional risks associated with withdrawal.


A Statistical Portrait of Substance Abuse and Addiction in Wyoming

As in other areas of the nation, alcohol is a major concern in Wyoming. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that, in 2012-2013, the percentage of people age 12 years and older suffering from alcohol dependence or abuse was 8.1 percent, compared to the national average of 6.7 percent. About 2.3 percent suffered from illicit drug dependence or abuse, compared to the national average of 2.7 percent. Overall, enrollment in treatment centers has declined from 3,411 in 2009 to 2,798 in 2013, but the number of individuals receiving medication-assisted help has skyrocketed from 11 to 182. The majority of individuals who need treatment are not receiving it–just 13.1 percent of those suffering from drug dependence or abuse got help, while just 10 percent of those suffering from alcohol dependence or abuse received aid.


Accredited Casper Wyoming Addiction Rehab Centers

  • The Central Wyoming Counseling Center has been serving the residents of Casper, Wyoming since 1959. Outpatient programs are available for both adolescents and adults, and the facility offers both individual and group treatments. Comprehensive residential care is another option, covering assessment, social detox, individual and group therapy, and didactic groups.
  • Wyoming Recovery is a small, 15-bed facility in the heart of Casper. It is similar to other agencies in its ability to provide both inpatient and outpatient care, but it emphasizes a one-on-one approach to treatment in its operational vision and philosophies. The organization prides itself on being able to provide more specialized help.
  • For those looking for a faith-based treatment center, Transitions Family Counseling and Mediation is a good option. Christian in focus, this drug and alcohol addiction facility supplements their treatment with a positive orientation on the Bible.

Why Professional Help Is Best

When a person is in the grip of substance abuse or addiction, they often don’t see that what they’re doing is dangerous. Professionals can provide objective eyes and help the user come to terms with the reality of their circumstances. Their objectivity is also enormously helpful in helping the individual maintain or repair important relationships, as they can serve as mediators and provide information on how to support recovery. They also can lead the individual through a huge range of customized techniques and treatments that retrain the user’s habits and behaviors, uncovering the motivations or triggers behind intake. Added safety is perhaps the biggest advantage to going to a professional for care, however. While the user is in treatment, professionals can monitor their physical and emotional status, providing medications or other therapies that ease withdrawal symptoms.


Substance Abusers and Addicts Can Meet for Support

Substance abusers and addicts who have a great support and empathy network have better odds of experiencing a successful and long-lasting recovery. For this reason, it can be extremely beneficial to attend meetings for substance abuse, addiction or the underlying issues often involved (e.g., trauma, depression). Casper, Wyoming supports major associations, such as Narcotics Anonymous, for this purpose. Help is also available in neighboring areas such as Cheyenne, Douglas, Gillette, Sheridan, and Lander.


Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery in Casper, Wyoming

If a strong support network helps recovery chances, then Casper, Wyoming, stands as an ideal location in which to get help, ranked as one of the nation’s most family-friendly cities. Nicknamed “The Oil City,” Casper is also unique in its longstanding cowboy culture, nestled at the foot of beautiful Casper Mountain. Attractions such as the Hogadon Ski Area, Casper Events Center, Casper Family Aquatic Center and Fort Casper Museum, along with parks and trails, ensure plenty of entertainment and physical activities.


The Time to Seek Help Is Now

Substance abuse and addiction can be devastating, stealing away money, relationships, self-respect and even life. You do not have to fight these problems alone, and in fact, the chances of staying clean and taking back control increase when you have people to support you. Contact an addiction specialist today to reclaim your health and happiness.