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Addiction Therapy in Wyoming


The purpose of addiction therapy in Wyoming is to help residents give up drugs or alcohol and to return to a healthier and safer lifestyle. Because of the power of addiction, a substantial number of addicts are unable to quit without the kind of professional help they get in addiction therapy in Wyoming.


The Nature of Addiction

Addiction is a complex psychological and physical condition that is manifested by people being unable to quit taking drugs or alcohol even when they accept that the level of their use of those substances is high enough to be a health hazard. Even when addicts have a strong desire to quit, they will find it hard to change their behavior. Addiction therapy in Wyoming may include behavioral therapy to address this issue.


Addiction is so tough to beat partly because exposure to drugs or alcohol can cause both physical and chemical changes in parts of the brain. Once these changes have taken place, addicts are unable to function normally if they let the level of alcohol or drugs in their systems fall. 


However, it is not possible for addicts to feel normal just by taking the same amount of an addictive substance each day. The body adjusts to exposure to drugs or alcohol by becoming tolerant of them to some extent. As a result, addicts need to increase their usage of the addictive substances they take to feel satisfied. This vicious cycle continues, and addicts may eventually reach a point where they are in danger of dying from the quantity of drugs or alcohol they are taking.


Is Addiction Widespread in Wyoming?

There are no precise statistics to show the extent of the problem in Wyoming or elsewhere, just estimates. This is because most addicts will not seek help or treatment for a very long time after they have become dependent on drugs or alcohol. Many addicts are not even aware that they have an addiction. 


The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism believes that about 5.2 percent of the population is addicted to, or abuses, alcohol. Based on this figure, more than 30,300 people in Wyoming have alcohol use disorder. Based on figures from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are around 12,000 Wyoming residents who abuse prescription drugs. 


What Types of Addiction Therapy in Wyoming Are Available?

Addicts are able to avail of several different types of addiction therapy. These include:

  1. Individual Therapy

There are certified addiction therapists available to provide one-to-one counseling sessions to addicts. These sessions often include behavioral therapy.

  1. Group Therapy

Addicts can feel alone and isolated. They learn to communicate in group therapy sessions, and they also learn that they are not alone in dealing with addiction. 

  1. Family Therapy

Family therapy aims to create a better understanding between addicts and their relatives. Families get a deeper understanding of what addiction is, and how best to help the relative who is addicted. Addicts learn about the ways in which their problem hurts the others in the family

Other Treatments

Medication can be used to help addicts to stop using and to stay clean. Antabuse is effective at keeping alcoholics sober. The drug causes addicts to feel unwell if they drink while it’s in their system. Drugs like Buprenorphine and naltrexone reduce cravings.

What Happens After Addiction Therapy in Wyoming?

Addicts will still get cravings to use drugs or alcohol again. Ideally, they should join recovery groups such as Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous to help them deal with these. They can also benefit from joining classes that help develop their creativity and keep them mentally stimulated. They should try hard to avoid situations or environments that may trigger relapse.

It is not too late to recover from drug dependence and take your life back. Contact an addiction specialist today to learn more.